The Tiny Gopher

Learn a little Go.

About The Book

What is the book “The Tiny Gopher” about?

“The Tiny Gopher” will teach you how to program in the Go programming language (https://golang.org/).

It does this by showing you how to use Go in small places like microcontrollers and WebAssembly using TinyGo (https://tinygo.org)

Where does the title of the book “The Tiny Gopher” come from?

The title is an homage to Daniel Friedman’s “The Little LISPer”, widely considered one of the great works in computer science.

What is the format for the book?

“The Tiny Gopher” is written in a Socratic way just like this website. It uses a series of questions and answers, along with a bit of fun and whimsy mixed in.

Each chapter takes a basic idea, and then uses that as a starting point to delve deeply into the core ideas of that chapter.

Who is this book for?

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of the Go programming language.

Anyone who wants to use Go on hardware devices like Arduino.

Anyone who wants to use Go with WebAssembly to program Go in the browser.

Do you need to know Go already to read this book?

No, this book will teach you Go.

Do you need to read this book if you already know Go?

It is still worthwhile to read this book even if you already know Go. For example, if you want to use Go to program microcontrollers or WebAssembly.

Do you need to know any programming already to read this book?

You will need to have at least some programming experience in any programming language, but beginner level is OK.

What should I do now?

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